Important News!

                ____________    MRS. FOGG'S KINDERGARTEN CLASS                    ____________

Here's what's going on in our kindergarten class...

Much thanks to Raegan's grandma (Ms. Delores), and Dhruv's mom (Mrs. Raval), for helping out in our classroom this week.  Also,  thanks to Eiliyah's mom for visiting us.  Parents are always welcome.   Come in at any time.   

Picture Day is coming up on October 7th.  Please send back the form and payment of you would like to purchase pictures.   They will be taking pictures again in the spring. 

The children are doing very well with adjusting to their new class and learning procedures.  They are soaking up everything so quickly.   Every day we sing an alphabet chant that helps them identify the letters and sounds.  Knowing the sounds is even more important than knowing the letters.

Last week we talked and read about ways to get along with new friends.  We are currently reading stories about baby animals and how they move.  We read the story "Pouch", which is about a baby kangaroo.  

In math, they have been counting objects and making a matching set,  describing objects, sorting objects by one attribute, and identifying teen numbers.  

So far,  every student should be able to read these sight words: I, can, the, we. To see all of our sight words, click here.  You will also find fun ideas for practicing the sight words on the "Our Class Wiki" page. 2

Our Photo Gallery will be updated with pictures of the students, once I get parental permission.  A form will be sent home soon regarding placing students' pictures in the photo gallery.  Pictures will never be displayed with names and will ONLY be placed online in the class Photo Gallery. 

Download the ActivInspire software that we use in class by clicking on the following link.  Click here.  The username is: foggparent, and the password is: 12345abc.  

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